What is Underquoting in Real Estate 

Let’s talk about something that’s a hot topic in the Aussie real estate scene: underquoting. It’s like when you see a cake advertised for $10, but when you get to the bakery, it’s actually $20. Yeah, not cool. Let’s explore what underquoting means in Australian real estate, the laws surrounding it, its implications, and the importance of pricing transparency.

Underquoting Real Estate Australia: Explained

So, underquoting in Aussie real estate basically means when the seller or agent advertises a property for less than what they actually want for it. It’s like telling your mate you’ll pay them back $20 when you know you owe them $50.

Definition of Underquoting in Australian Real Estate

Underquoting occurs when a real estate agent intentionally sets an asking price for a property that is below its true market value or the price range provided by the seller. This can lead to frustration and disappointment for buyers who may have budgeted based on the advertised price, only to find themselves priced out of the market when the property sells for much higher.

Underquoting Laws in Australia

To tackle this sneaky tactic, Australia has some strict laws in place. In Victoria, for instance, agents have to give you a Statement of Information with an estimated selling price based on similar sales. Other states have similar rules to keep things fair.

Illegal Practices in Real Estate Australia

Now, underquoting isn’t just frowned upon; it’s downright illegal. If an agent gets caught doing it, they could face fines, lose their license, and say goodbye to their reputation quicker than you can say “sold!”

Pricing Transparency in the Australian Property Market

Transparency is key in the property game. Buyers need accurate info to make smart choices. Underquoting messes with that, making the whole process feel like a dodgy game of hide and seek.


Bottom line: Underquoting is bad news for everyone involved. It’s like trying to play Monopoly with someone who keeps sneaking extra cash from the bank. By sticking to the rules and being upfront about prices, we can all enjoy a fairer and more trustworthy real estate market.

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