How bad is the rental crisis? I’m staying in Melbourne with my dog as I search for an affordable place in Sydney

A crisis has been brewing in the Australian rental market, impacting many people, leaving them with a difficult time finding affordable housing. 

The moment I found myself in this predicament, I decided to share with you my journey of searching for a place in Sydney while currently living in Melbourne with my loyal canine companion, just as I happened to be in the same situation myself.

The Rental Crisis Unveiled

A rental crisis has reached unprecedented levels in Australia, particularly in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. As a result of the rise in demand for housing, coupled with the limited supply, the search for affordable, suitable, and affordable housing has become more challenging. There is no denying that the impact of this crisis is palpable, requiring individuals and families to navigate a complex and competitive rental market as a consequence.

The Sydney Quest

The reality of the rental crisis hits hard as I look for a place in Sydney. The city, which is known for its vibrant culture and economic opportunities, presents unique challenges for prospective renters. 

The high stakes search becomes crucial when it comes to affordability, proximity to essential amenities, and pet acceptance.

Melbourne as a Temporary Refuge

As Sydney’s rental market becomes more intimidating, Melbourne becomes a temporary refuge. Staying here while looking for a place in Sydney has advantages and drawbacks. 

While Melbourne is relatively affordable, the distance presents logistical challenges, especially when it comes to inspections and meeting landlords.

The Dog Dilemma

The difficulty of navigating the rental crisis is further complicated by the fact that my four-legged companion is accompanying me. 

Finding a place that accepts pets adds another level of difficulty as many landlords and property managers are reluctant to accept pets. As a result of these factors, my search becomes a delicate one, balancing my housing needs with ensuring my dog has a comfortable environment to live in.

Balancing Expectations and Realities

The rental crisis has been unfolding for a few years now, forcing numerous individuals such as myself to balance their expectations with the harsh reality of the market. Prioritizing must-haves has become a strategic game, in which compromises are inevitable, but essential needs remain uncompromising.

Community Resilience

Despite the challenges, there is still a sense of community resilience. Shared experiences of navigating the rental crisis create a network of support and understanding among people who are facing similar challenges. A group of individuals gather to share tips and resources, as well as a sense of collective perseverance, through online forums or local meet-ups.


Those in need of housing in Australia are faced with a challenging landscape due to the rental crisis, particularly in cities such as Sydney. 

During my journey from Melbourne to Sydney with my dog, I exemplified the complexities faced by renters in the current market as they try to find affordable and suitable housing. As we collectively grapple with the implications of this crisis, we have the hope that systemic changes will be made in order to make secure and affordable housing a reality for all.

Sarah J.

Sarah J. is a versatile freelance writer and researcher with expertise in writing about gardening, animal care, history, art, design, DIY projects, and outdoor activities. With a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, she crafts engaging content that educates and inspires readers across diverse topics.