Are Real Estate Agents Allowed to Open Cupboards QID

Ever had a real estate open up your cupboards? Feels uncomfortable, right? They say it’s necessary to facilitate property transactions. Real estate agents often need to assess various aspects of a home, including storage spaces such as cupboards, closets, and cabinets. 

But what are the rules and regulations regarding their access to cupboards during property inspections? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what real estate agents can and can’t do when they’re snooping around your cupboards during property inspections.

Cupboard Opening Regulations for Agents

In Australia, there are no specific laws that prohibit real estate agents from opening cupboards during property inspections. However, there’s still a code of conduct they’ve got to stick to. You know, like respecting your privacy and not treating your stuff like it’s free game at a garage sale.

Access to Cupboards by Real Estate Professionals

Now, while there’s no rulebook saying “Thou shalt not touch thy homeowner’s cupboards,” it’s common courtesy for agents to ask permission first. Think of it like knocking before barging into someone’s room – basic manners, right?

Legalities of Real Estate Agents Opening Cupboards

From a legal perspective, real estate agents are obligated to act in the best interests of their clients and comply with relevant laws and regulations. While there are no specific laws prohibiting cupboard access, agents must ensure that their actions are lawful, ethical, and respectful of homeowners’ rights to privacy and property.

Rules for Real Estate Agents Regarding Cupboard Inspection

To maintain professionalism and uphold ethical standards, real estate agents should follow certain guidelines when inspecting cupboards during property viewings:

  • Obtain Consent: Before opening cupboards or accessing private areas of the property, agents should seek permission from homeowners or their representatives.
  • Respect Privacy: Agents should handle homeowners’ belongings with care and respect their privacy by refraining from rummaging through personal items or storage spaces unnecessarily.
  • Exercise Discretion: While it may be necessary to open cupboards to assess storage space, agents should exercise discretion and avoid intruding on homeowners’ privacy.
  • Communicate Transparently: Agents should communicate openly and transparently with homeowners about the purpose of cupboard inspections and ensure they understand the reasons for accessing certain areas of the property.
  • Document Actions: To protect themselves and their clients, agents should document any actions taken during property inspections, including the opening of cupboards, and maintain accurate records of their interactions with homeowners.


In conclusion, while there are no specific laws prohibiting real estate agents from opening cupboards during property inspections in Australia, agents are expected to act ethically, professionally, and in accordance with homeowners’ rights to privacy and property. 

By asking first, respecting your privacy, and not treating your home like a free-for-all, they can avoid stepping on any toes and keep the property game a fair one.

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